About GMP Marine

GMP Marine provides solutions for private marine security companies, that may be fragmented, parts of the business using information that is difficult to share. Integration brings the information together enabling all the PMSC team to access information related to their role.

GMP Marine work with clients in piracy hot spots and have identified about 190 prospective clients in the marine security sector. GMP Marine are working with the Security Association for the Maritime Industry (SAMI) to understand the protocols, ISO requirements, and some of the software gaps in the maritime security business as well as relationships such as CSO Alliance and BIMCO.

GMP Marine may protect ports, major assets, oil-rigs., shipping, secure anchorage areas, or people who deploy teams during a transit or on land. GMP Marine clients are professional operations that are keen to improve their reputation or reduce cost in their process. They control personnel, equipment, weapons and logistical issues around piracy. Training accreditation and mandatory reporting are important too. These companies have logistics to consider, such as moving individuals, pelican cases and other items around the world, including the use of floating armouries. Our system creates itineraries for the equipment and personnel.

What can the GMP Marine system help you do?
Most Companies operating in this sector use employees and contracted personnel to carry out protection tasks on behalf of their client.

The complexities of security tasks in the marine environment require a robust, secure, adaptable and throughly reliable IT support system that eases administrative procedures allowing your operational staff to focus on providing an optimal, cost effective service to the client.

GMP Marine is secure and cloud based which enables all key information to be integrated and shared based on a hierarchical structure that filters sensitive information from those that don't need to know.
A powerful platform for secure administration
•    A real-time cloud based software system that can be accessed from any device with an internet connection
•    Instantly create quotation documents, invoices, passenger manifests, armoury inventory and mission plans
•    Monitor status of essential equipment including Pelican kits
•    Track the location of vessels, patrol boats and personnel
Smarter ways to securely share information
Our system is fully integrated and uses an intelligent hierarchy so that sensitive information is shared only with those who need to see it.
Task Management
Most deployed teams meet client vessels prior to sailing and stay onboard until its destination is reached. Personnel and equipment need to be allocated to the transit for the duration along with equipment and weapons most suitable for the task.

Managing who is avalible to work along with pelican kit content is normally an administrative nightmare. Where is the equipment currently or where has it been?
Training and support services
GMP (Global Management Platform) provide training for systems either in their own facilities in the UK, or at the clients' own premises around the world.

Online systems support is complimented with quarterly administration workshops and webinar sessions to top-up system knowledge.
Bespoke workshops can be arranged to suit an individual clients' own requirements.
Systems that are flexible
The GMP Marine system comes in 3-versions which can be viewed on the GMP Marine homepage and the functionality is supplied depending on the version you select to satisfy your needs.

The best way to understand how the GMP Marine systems can streamline your business is to talk to us and let us show you how we can help.

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